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Brendan Wintle, the director of the Threatened Species Recovery Hub, told the hearing he feared if the parliament passed the government’s bills as proposed, with the weaker interim standards, there would be no appetite to strengthen them over a two year period set by the government to develop final standards.

I just don’t think there will be an appetite for all of the players to actually reform and produce standards that do the right thing by the environment in that time if we tick off on devolution and streamlining now…

We need that as the carrot at the end of this two year tunnel.

It’s actually 30 or 40 years we’ve known about biodiversity decline in this country…

The lack of action is astonishing.

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Scientists have told a senate inquiry that new national environmental standards proposed by the Morrison government are “not scientifically credible” and that the lack of action by governments to address the decline of the country’s wildlife is “astonishing”.

The Business Council of Australia has called on the Morrison government to set out how it will respond to all of the recommendations of a review of Australia’s national environmental laws.

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“Regrettably the standards that are now proposed as interim standards are not scientifically credible. They will not achieve the goals in the view of the academy.

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