It appears the par-4 11th has lost many of the trees to the right side of the downhill fairway. For decades the area was wide open, allowing players to bail out to the right off the tee and still reach the green from a position that could provide a strategic advantage when attacking some hole locations. In 2004, then-ANGC chairman Hootie Johnson had trees planted in the righthand landing area, severely narrowing the fairway and limiting strategic options while making the hole much more difficult.

It appears, based on the images provided by Eureka Earth on Twitter, that many of those trees are now gone. Will they remain gone? That’s yet to be seen, as Augusta has shown the capability and willpower to introduce – or possibly in this case, re-introduce – trees.

Also interesting is the lack of grass and the absence of water in the pond short and left of the green. That pond surely will be refilled, but it begs a fun question: Who got to keep all the balls they found in there? Here’s guessing that tally didn’t include any range balls mis-struck by nervous members who reached deep into the pockets of their golf bags before trying to navigate the water.



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