Augusta is just the latest golf heavyweight to contribute toward coronavirus relief efforts. Over the weekend, Pinehurst began auctioning off a series of once-in-a-lifetime vacation opportunities to support workers whose jobs were displaced when the resort’s hotels and restaurants closed. While membership at Riviera, led by Larry David, is engaged in a crowd-funding campaign for the course’s caddies. Both efforts have raised more than $250,000 for displaced workers in only a few days.

On March 13, the last time we heard from Ridley, the Augusta National chairman announced the Masters’ postponement. Now, seven days before Masters week was supposed to begin, Ridley expressed hope — not for the tournament, but for the donation.

“We are grateful to the Community Foundation for their continued partnership during this unprecedented time and especially appreciative to the dedicated healthcare providers, first responders and many others working tirelessly to fight the effects of this pandemic,” Ridley said. “We hope these contributions will inspire others to support their efforts.”

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