Attention, Teachers! These Kid-Friendly Halloween Costumes Are Calling Your Name

Halloween‘s a little different when you’re a teacher. Celebrating the candy-centered holiday usually means keeping overexcited kids in line, managing multiple Halloween classroom events, and — of course — showing off your best-dressed Halloween costume attire (to students and coworkers).

But before dressing up, you want to consider the age group of your class, of course. Kindergartners may not get your “House of Dragons” reference, but might get a kick out of some dog ears and a police uniform for a “Paw Patrol” costume. Also, the subject you teach may influence your outfit of choice. English teachers can pick their favorite literary character like Jane Eyre (or better yet, Bertha Mason moaning in the attic), and eccentric chemistry teachers can dress up as mad scientists who are conducting experiments in the lab.

Sure, finding the perfect costume might take a lot of work, but it’s so worth it. And whether you’re celebrating with your students in person or online, you can still get creative, because even a virtual class calls for a top-notch costume — it needs to stand out on camera! That’s why we’ve found crafty costumes that make great inspiration for teachers. Check them out for yourself ahead.

— Additional reporting by Lauren Harano and Haley Lyndes and Melanie Whyte


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