Dear Amy: I am a middle-aged, happily married woman with a wonderful husband. We have a relationship that others spend their lives trying to find, and we are both extremely grateful for our many blessings.

I am not social, and I am not conscious of my appearance.

I never wear makeup. I am a jeans and T-shirt type of woman. Also, I’m a bit overweight.

Given all of that, why do men continually try to hit on me and chat me up?

I grew up with two older brothers and have a history of having platonic male friends of all types throughout my life.

I guess I don’t fit the typically “girly” stereotypes.

I talk about my wonderful life and relationship with my husband, and it doesn’t seem to stop these men from hitting on me.

What am I doing wrong? And … why me?

— Sick of Being Hit Upon

Dear Sick: You are not doing anything wrong. Your crime is to attempt to move through the world, minding your own business.

Women who are “girly” and wear makeup and feminine clothing are not asking to be hit on. Women who wear jeans and T-shirts are also not asking to be hit on. Women jogging, riding bicycles, walking their dogs or talking with their friends are not asking to be hit on.



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