As Boston reopens this weekend, Red Sox will remain on lockdown because of low vaccination rate

Massachusetts is opening again. The state’s COVID-19 guidelines are being lifted on Saturday, meaning masks will come down, bars will open up and Fenway Park will be at full capacity for the first time in 20 months.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora will be there, still wearing his mask in the dugout, still unable to gather his players for a meeting in the clubhouse, still not allowed to bring his family on the road and still unable to eat inside a restaurant when the game is over.

More than half of Major League Baseball teams have reached 85 percent vaccination of Tier 1 players and staff, meaning they have met the threshold to relax league-wide health and safety protocols and allow more independence and less hassle — but the Red Sox are not among them. Because of their relatively low vaccination rate, the Red Sox are still beholden to MLB’s strict limitations.


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