Horse Racing

Aracana and Coeur De Lion impress

Aracana and Coeur De Lion impressed when the horses were exercised here on Wednesday (Nov. 2) morning.

Inner sand:

600m: Mighty Wings (Nazil) 38. Moved freely. Arabian Phoenix (Nazil) 38. Good. 2/y/os Supreme Spirit (V. Bunde), Phoenix Tower/Winter Renaissance (rb) 40. Pair level. IL Divino (Shahrukh), Emerald Queen (Nazil) 38. Pair moved level freely.

800m: Flying Scotsman (Ajinkya) 52, 600/39. Moved freely. Count Of Savoy (Trevor) 53, 600/39. Moved well. Don’t Be Shy (rb), Ottello (rb) 51, 600/39. Former finished three lengths ahead. Adamas (Trevor), Lord Fenicia (S.J. Sunil) 51, 600/38. They moved level freely. Son Of A Gun (J. Chinoy) 50, 600/37. Moved well. 2/y/os Dream Alliance (Saqlain), Pride’s Prince (Shelar) 56, 600/43. Former finished well clear. 2/y/os Serrano (Parmar), Waikiki (Dhebe) 52, 600/39. Former was one length superior.

1000m: Kaitlan (V. Jodha), Kamilah (Ajinkya) 1-6, 800/50, 600/38. They moved neck and neck freely. Rodrigo (Vinod), The President (V. Bunde) 1-6, 800/53, 600/41. Both moved well. Kirkines (Neeraj), Hunar (Saqlain) 1-7, 800/52, 600/38. Former made up four lengths and finished level. Royal Castle (Mustakim) 1-6, 800/53, 600/40. Slightly urged.

1200m: Coeur De Lion (rb) 1-18, 1000/1-4, 800/50, 600/39. Moved attractively. Skyfall (Vinod), So So Special (Mosin) 1-19, 1000/1-5, 800/51, 600/38. Former finished well clear.

Gate practice — inner sand:

1000m: 2/y/o Mi Arion (Vinod) 1-7, 800/52, 600/40. Jumped out well and moved freely. Aracana (Kirtish) 1-2, 800/48, 600/38. Moved impressively.


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