Ancient Egypt bombshell: Holy Land clues can reveal how Great Pyramid was built – claim

“As the Bible states, ‘the mountains are round about Jerusalem’ (Psalm 125).

“From these Cenomanian limestone mountains, the greatest builder of his time, Herod the Great, oversaw the quarrying and transportation of innumerable building blocks in the construction of the Second Temple (20 BC to 10 BC).”

According to engineer Leen Ritmeyer, the stones of the Holy Temple were first straightened by a stonecutter.

This process involved chiselling the rock’s sides to a smooth and vertical surface.

Long and narrow grooves were then dug in the ground, allowing wood beams to be inserted at right angles.

The quarryman would next hammer them into place and pour water over them.

Professor Meyer explained: “This causes the wood to swell, and the consequent pressure caused the stone to separate from the lower rock layer.

“According to Ritmeyer, the next stage required squaring off the stones and preparing them for transportation. Smaller stones were placed in wagons


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