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An Original Scream Star Seemingly Confirms Their Involvement In The Upcoming Sixth Movie

The horror genre has been in a thrilling renaissance for years, to the delight of moviegoers. And as a result, some of the best horror movies of all time returned to theaters with new sequels. One of the most recent examples is the recent fifth Scream movie, which was a critical and box office hit. A sixth movie was quickly green lit, with casting announcements coming together. And now an OG Scream star has seemingly confirmed their involvement in the upcoming slasher.

The first five Scream movies featured the trio of OG stars in Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette. The latter actor was shockingly killed off in the fifth movie, which makes the involvement of Campbell and Cox in Scream 6 all the more important for diehard fans. The Friends icon was recently asked by ET if she and Campbell were returning to their roles, responding with:

I don’t know about contracts and where things are, but I’ll tell you in the script — it’s a really good one, you actually have to be killed if you talk about it, so I’m not gonna say anything.


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