AMC Stock Price Jumps Again

Shares of AMC, the movie theater chain, surged more than 30 percent in early trading Friday before erasing all of those gains, as the whirlwind trading of small investors returned.

By the end of the day on Friday, AMC was down 1.5 percent. But, including Friday’s drop, AMC shares jumped 116 percent this week.

The trading is reminiscent of the GameStop frenzy in January. One of the aims of the retail traders is to push up a company’s share price to force losses on hedge funds that have bet against the stock in what is called a short squeeze. At the end of 2019, before AMC became a “meme stock” darling like GameStop, the video game retailer, and Blackberry, the phone company, the share price for AMC was about $2.

GameStop slid 12 percent on Friday, but climbed about 26 percent for the week.

AMC Entertainment share price


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