Alec Baldwin shooting: Victims hit by single bullet which killed Halyna Hutchins then lodged in director’s shoulder, say police

Alec Baldwin fired a single bullet which killed Halyna Hutchins and then lodged in the shoulder of the movie’s director, police have confirmed

While police said they were continuing their investigation, and prosecutors declined option to bring charges against anyone, including the 63-year-old star, police said it appeared Baldwin had fired a single round from a .45 Lee handgun.

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said the bullet had been passed to investigators by medical officials who removed it from the shoulder of the injured director, Joel Souza.

“The actual dead projectile was fired recovered from the shoulder of Mr Souza. The projectile was recovered and medical personnel where he was being treated, turned over to the sheriff’s office as evidence,” said Mr Mendoza.

“We regard this spent casing and and recovered projectile to be the live round that was fired from the revolver by Mr Baldwin.”

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Mr Mendoza said what is thought to be additional live rounds have been found on the set but they would be subject to testing by ballistics experts.

Mr Mendoza said the gun was Long Colt revolver. “It’s a suspected live round that was fired but it did fire from the weapon and it did cause injury. That would lead us to believe it was a live round,” he said.

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