WASHINGTON — The backdrop for Washington’s first press conference with its two first-round picks was a beyond blustery but otherwise sun-drenched Saturday afternoon in front of the Jefferson Memorial, built in tribute to the third President of the United States and primary author of the Declaration of Independence.

(Would this be a bad time to ask about Sally Hemings?)

So here came Dwayne Haskins and Montez Sweat, and their families, amid the tourists and surprised fans, standing tall through the swirling wind and the swirling expectations for each, looking composed and rocking some serious footwear with their tailored suits. (By the way: draft night party in D.C.? Intro press conference in D.C., near the Mall? Is Dan Snyder showing his hand-please, prettyprettyprettyplease, let me have a stadium in D.C.?) And Haskins, in particular, feeling like his return to his hometown to play professionally after playing for Bullis High just four years ago was a fait…



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