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After Taylor Lautner’s Fiancée Joked About Having Had A Crush On Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Alum Shared A Funny Response

Twilight actor Taylor Lautner revealed that he is engaged to be married this past fall. He’ll be tying twith Taylor Dome, a registered nurse, who he had been dating for three years prior to getting down on one knee. As the happy couple are likely in the midst of wedding plans, Dome took to social media to “come clean” about who her childhood crush was, and it’s the opposite of Team Jacob, a fact that led Lautner to share a perfect response.

That’s right, Taylor Lautner’s wife-to-be is a Twilight fan, but she wasn’t rooting for his character Jacob prior to their meeting. As she shares in a funny Instagram post, she was crushing on Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen back in the day. Check out her video: 


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