John Wall has engendered enough goodwill in his time in Washington — heck, in just the past few months — that a video which surfaced early Sunday morning of him throwing up gang signs, lifting a red bandana and looking completely out of sorts isn’t enough to take a blowtorch to his character. What he did was stupid, not criminal. But he doesn’t get a pass.

Wall doesn’t need any advice or condemnation. He needs a reminder that he’s worked too hard to toss away what he’s earned. The apology that he released on Twitter after social media put his embarrassing exploits on blast signaled that he is at least aware of the damage he has done to his reputation. Acknowledging the mistake – even if he wasn’t direct about what exactly he regretted (That the video was made public? Boasting his affiliation with the blood gang? Not practicing social distancing procedures during a pandemic?)…



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