Monday night, after his team sustained a three-run loss to open a four-game series in San Francisco, Diamondbacks manager Torey Lovullo tried to communicate the fire burning in Arizona’s belly. “I know one thing: We didn’t come up here to San Francisco to get our ass kicked four games in a row,” Lovullo said. “I know I didn’t. I know the coaches didn’t. And I know for darn sure the players didn’t, either.”

If the baseball gods exist, they must have heard. And, boy, do they hate the Diamondbacks right now. A night later, Arizona blew a 7-0 lead, succumbing on a backbreaking grand slam in the eighth inning. The next two games were blowouts, decided by a combined score of 23-9. Four games, four ass kickings, depending on your definition.

The result is ignominy, the Diamondbacks tying — and then, with Thursday’s 10-2 loss, breaking — the modern major-league record for most consecutive road losses.



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