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Tickets for both BeWILDerwood parks are flying out of the woods – book in advance for a wonderfully WILD woodland adventure

The Slippery Slopes are among BeWILDerwood's highlights
The Slippery Slopes are among BeWILDerwood’s highlights

There are few things more magical than enchanting storybooks.

Few things have the same ability to bring a child’s imagination to life, to inspire creativity and play.

Based on a series of books by author and creator Tom Blofeld, the wonderfully whimsical and delightfully wonky world of the BeWILDerwood adventure parks bring the magic of Tom’s stories to life, giving children and their families endless days of joy, good old-fashioned fun and adventure.

The two BeWILDerwood adventure parks bring author and creator Tom Blofeld’s enchanting tales to life



Now in it’s 14th magical season, BeWILDerwood Norfolk is an enchanted woodland world tucked away in the heart of the Norfolk Broads. And just in time for Summer, a brand-new park is now open in the woods of Cheshire, not far from both Whitchurch and Nantwich.

The parks are home to the likes of the Twiggles and Boggles, Swampy the Marsh Hero, Mildred the Crocklebog and the Thornyclod Spider – but seeing is believing, so these enchanting characters and their woodland friends will only appear for visitors who truly believe in magic.

A visit to BeWILDerwood means endless hours spent with the people you love most



Whether you’re heading off on a staycation or simply planning a whole calendar of exciting days out with the family, it’s easier than ever before to etch an unmissable trip to BeWILDerwood onto your summer agenda – as there are now two sites for families to fall in love with.

A visit to BeWILDerwood means endless hours spent with the people you love most, exploring a wonky world of treehouses, whizzing down super slides, swinging together on giant swings and zipping along extra-long zip wires.

Visitors to this magical world can also get creative in the onsite craft tent – making something extra special to take home!

Learn more about the story and characters of BeWILDerwood at the Storytelling Shows, and if you’re visiting the Norfolk woodlands, you can even enjoy a blissful boat ride through the swampy marshes. Will you spot Mildred the Crocklebog on your voyage?

Enjoy a blissful boat ride through the swampy marshes of BeWILDerwood Norfolk



Visitors to BeWILDerwood will make special memories to cherish forever, and children of all ages – even the grown ups – can play together and run WILD in a beautiful woodland setting – remember to look out for hints of the Boggles and Twiggles as you navigate your way around the forest.

BeWILDerwood’s ethos is to leave technology behind, immerse yourself in the great outdoors and explore the many wonders to behold within the wonky woods.

Explore a wonky world of treehouses at BeWILDerwood


Andrew Kahumbu Photography)

The woodland adventure parks are ideal for families with children aged between two and 12 years old, but BeWILDerwood has family at its heart – which means parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and everyone in-between can embrace what’s on offer just as much as the children. Magic knows no limits.

Admission prices for both parks are based on height, as some of the woodland activities require longer arms and legs – such as the zoomy zip wires and Slippery Slopes. Prices range from £12.50-£19.50, and all activities and crafts are included in the ticket price – so there are no hidden costs lurking in the woods.

Will you spot the enchanting Twiggle Houses at BeWILDerwood?


Andrew Kahumbu)

If you’re lucky enough to visit this delightfully wonky world, it’s possible that you’ll spend so much time sliding on Slippery Slopes, getting lost in magical mazes or building magnificent dens that closing time rolls around before you know it. And after a full day of active family fun and adventure, it’s very likely that you’ll be heading home with some very sleepy children!

So, where will you run WILD this summer?

For tickets to BeWILDerwood Norfolk, click here.

For tickets to BeWILDerwood Cheshire, click here.

WILD WILD WILD annual passes are available, making it more cost effective for the whole family to visit time and time again when the seasonal attractions are open.

You can upgrade your day ticket to the year-long pass onsite during your visit, and the price you’ve paid for your trip will be deducted from the cost.

WILD WILD WILD Annual Pass holders will save 15% on yummy grub and glorious gifts in the shop on site too.


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