Abortion activists march in front of Justice Kavanaugh's home

Activists marched in front of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home in Maryland late Monday to protest his refusal to block a Texas law curtailing abortions.

Roughly 50 people marched from a Chevy Chase park to the street where the justice lives to demand his resignation, according to WTOP.

Carrying banners that said, “Repro Freedom for All,” they also told President Biden to pack the court.

“The buck is supposed to stop with the Supreme Court, now we know they’re just a tool,” a protester told the radio station.

Local police kept the roads clear and guarded what was described by organizers as the justice’s address. Some protesters wrote “resign Kavanaugh” and “my body, my choice,” on the pavement out front.

The Texas law prohibits abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, usually around six weeks of pregnancy. But instead of having state officials enforce the ban, private citizens are able to sue abortion providers in civil court who violate the law.

The Supreme Court divided 5-4, leaving the Texas law in place while the issue is litigated.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts joined the court’s three liberal members in dissent while Justice Kavanaugh joined four conservatives in the unsigned majority opinion.

• Alex Swoyer contributed to this report.

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