Walks around the neighborhood, trips to the beach, my dog loves it all. He’s even a big sunbather (I wonder where he gets that from). The only problem is — and I’m sure a lot of fellow dog owners can I agree with me on this — situating the water bowl can be an issue. It’s either in direct sunlight or acts as an amusement park for bugs . . . especially ants. The more ants there are, the more distracted he is from actually drinking his water. Plus, they sometimes crawl onto his paws. So now, I have a dehydrated pup with irritated paws and ants in my house. I mean, I know bugs are attracted to water, but can you leave my dog (and me) alone?

Then, I saw this chalk hack by TikToker and veterinarian Adam Christman, DVM (@dr.adamchristman52) that repels ants from invading your dog’s water bowl. Truth be told, I didn’t think this little science fair experiment was going to work, but Dr. Christman made some pretty strong points. While drawing a chalked heart around his dog’s bowl, he explained that ants avoid chalk because it interferes with their scent trail. Thus, throwing them off from locating your dog’s bowl. Violà! Ants be gone! Of course, being the skeptic I am, I had to try this vet’s hack out for myself. Keep reading to see what happened.



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