Newborn baby photos are always adorable, newborn puppy photos are heart-melting, and well, folks, apparently newborn goat photos are just on another level, because I’m now making the highest-pitched squeals I’ve ever heard in response to these cuties.

Sherry Pratt, photographer at Moments Whispered, usually focuses on newborn human photography, but when her son started dating the daughter of those who run the Spenker Family Farm in Lodi, CA, she was introduced to the farm’s growing goat population. “Sarah, from the farm, invited me to come and take a few pics and get some cuddles,” Sherry told POPSUGAR. “In my mind, a newborn is a newborn and a goat is no different! So I went on down, and, well, I was right, they sleep and are shooshed and cuddled just like a newborn baby. So stinking precious!!”

Not only did Sherry get a full day of snuggling with the newborns, but several more baby goats were born while she was there. “I got to snuggle and cuddle brand new baby goats just hours old! I can’t wait to go back!” she said. “These little new ones are bouncing and jumping within hours of birth! I took a few pics of a survivor of triplets born 13 days early. She was amazing! A bundle of twitches, kicks, jumps, and joy!”

Keep scrolling to see the adorable photos Sherry took of these newborn baby goats and follow her on Instagram for more precious baby photos.



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