A Massive Step For Women’s Sled Hockey is Happening in Green Bay this Weekend

Beyond the jitters that come before a big game, there’s an additional feeling of pressure to perform and make the most of this opportunity that has been more than a decade in the making. But she knows what her team is capable of and says they’re ready to show how good they are. 

“There’s always an aspect of feeling that we need to prove ourselves,” DeClaudio said. “There’s a need and there’s such passion and dedication for this sport.”

Much like in the Olympics, the biggest rivalry in Green Bay will be between the U.S. and Canada. The Americans face their northern neighbors in their first game of the tournament tonight (Aug. 26) at 7:30 pm ET, and fans who can’t be in attendance can watch the stream on YouTube

The two teams are closely matched, having each won a three-game series against the other in recent years. Team USA’s roster features a number of teenagers, who bring speed and exuberance to the ice alongside their more veteran teammates. 

Getting the younger players involved is necessary for the growth of women’s sled hockey. Part of what makes this tournament so exciting is the exposure it will give the sport. With an eight-year timeline, Misiewicz said there are girls who’ll watch these games that will end up representing their country when women’s sled hockey makes it to the Paralympics. 

“This is a huge step for the program,” she said. “Having this tournament is a huge step within the United States and internationally to grow the sport.”

In order to be considered for the Paralympics, there needs to be at least six teams competing in the sport. Beyond providing a necessary fourth team for the tournament, the hope is that the individual players from a variety of countries will take their experience from Green Bay with them back to their countries to help develop more women’s sled hockey teams. 


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