5 new career-boosting skills to master with an online course


hen it comes to your career, it’s easy to feel stuck in a rut. One of the simplest ways to gain a boost off your professional plateau and show you’re serious about levelling up is to master a new skill. Whether it’s Excel, photography, web design or marketing, LinkedIn Learning has you covered with more than 16,000 courses available on its online e-learning platform. New subscribers get the benefit of a one-month free trial too, to help kickstart their journey towards the next big career goal.

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn’s online learning platform gathers together thousands of courses covering a broad range of in-demand business skills to help ambitious professionals harness new levels of expertise and progress to the next step. From time management to coding, diversity training to strategic thinking, courses are led by real-world experts in their fields and content is delivered in an array of formats to suit different users’ needs. You can try as many courses as you like during a 30-day free trial before deciding whether to commit to a monthly (£24.98 a month) or annual (£14.99 a month) subscription.

How does it work?

Courses can be taken whenever and wherever you like, to fit around your lifestyle. You can opt to learn through bite-sized videos or in-depth content, and there are audio-only and offline viewing options available too. As well as videos featuring industry leaders, each course also comes with practical exercises and quizzes so that you can put your newfound skills into practice. Once you’ve signed up for a free trial, you get full access to LinkedIn Learning’s 16,000+ courses, and, once completed, each course comes with a certification that can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile to help you stand out from the crowd.


Why LinkedIn Learning?

The portal has grown out of one of the oldest e-learning platforms in the business,, meaning courses have been developed based on two decades of insight and experience in teaching people new skills online. Members have access to every single one of LinkedIn Learning’s expert-led courses, available to access and interact with via a selection of formats. Plus the experience is tailored to each individual, with personalised course recommendations to help take their career to new heights.

Finish a course and you’ll have the benefit of a certificate that displays on your LinkedIn profile – a fresh way to distinguish yourself from competitors when applying for your next career move. LinkedIn Learning members also benefit from access to LinkedIn Premium services, such as salary and job insights, unlimited profile viewing and InMail credits.

5 top skills to master with LinkedIn Learning


Led by chartered organisational psychologist and executive coach Gemma Leigh Roberts, this beginner course helps raise self-awareness and pinpoint triggers in order to create strong and collaborative relationships at work.

Bestselling author and productivity expert Dave Crenshaw offers invaluable practical advice for homeworking, including how to maximise productivity by: setting up a dedicated workspace; creating a meaningful daily schedule; collaborating effectively over virtual platforms; and planning proper breaks.

We all have biases – and the first step to change is recognising them. Stacey Gordon, CEO and founder of Rework Work, leads this beginner course, highlighting some of the most common forms that biases take, including affinity bias, halo bias, perception bias and confirmation bias.

Career and personal branding expert Dorie Clark shows you how to carve out time to think about strategy, gather data, learn from the past, create a vision for the future and implement strategic thinking within your team in this beginner course.

This advanced course is led by author, speaker and founder of the Applied Curiosity Lab, Becki Saltzman. It prepares leaders to avoid deceiving fallacies, spot misleading cognitive biases, craft better arguments, hone judgment and improve decision-making across their organisation.


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