The U.S. Soccer Federation and Nike have unveiled the new, eye-catching 2021-22 away kit that will be worn by both the women’s and men’s teams. And we have some thoughts (as well as some fanfic!) on it. 

The USWNT debuted the new kit, which the federation intends to keep in rotation until next summer or fall, in Austin for a friendly against Nigeria, as they play the first ever match at Q2 Stadium on Wednesday night. Now let’s get to asking the important questions… 

Brooks: After what feels like years of pretty unremarkable U.S. kits, this is definitely a bold look. The pattern appears to be a dazzle camo design, which sounds like something dreamed up by an Alabama cheerleading squad, but that apparently is not the case. Pablo, do you have any actual info on its history?

Pablo: I do, but I’m going to need to reach back into my days watching the Discovery Channel at 1 a.m. in the mid-’90s here.



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