So here is the thing about the 2021 NBA Draft. Yes, there are four elite prospects, and that’s worth getting excited about. I even think it’s worth getting pumped about the next two guys on the board. But after that? There is a whole lot of uncertainty, as has been reported in these parts all year.

There are about 14 guys in the next tier for teams who could hear their name called on July 29, and there are about five wild card players that I’ll call out here as being extremely polarizing for NBA teams. Those players legitimately could go anywhere from around 10th to 25th, which makes this about as interesting a draft to project as I can remember.

But whereas the uncertainty that I’ve previously written about had to do with the prospects themselves, we’ve now hit the point where the uncertainty also includes trades. A number of picks are available for the right price in the middle of the lottery right now.



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