“Are you the kind of person who sees an opportunity and then takes action to take advantage of it? If so, congratulations, because it’s that kind of action-oriented mind-set that can propel you to financial freedom,” writes Todd Campbell, author of Your Guide to Better Stock Picks, in a piece for The Motley Fool.

“For example, it’s been proven time and time again that long-term investing can produce significantly more wealth than short term trading, yet many Americans fail to make the most of their best long-term investment vehicle: their workplace retirement plan,” Campbell continues. “Do you contribute to your workplace retirement plan? If so, do you contribute 10 percent of your income? More? Less? Considering that someone who contributes 10 percent of their $40,000 in income to a 401(k) plan at a 6 percent return has $311,572 more after 35 years than one who contributes 3 percent, under-utilizing retirement plans is a surefire way to derail you on your way to millionaire status.”



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