20 of the weirdest sharks

Does the word “shark” make you conjure up an image of an animatronic Jaws, rolling its dead eyes and gnashing its terrible teeth? While this image of great whites is iconic, there’s so much more to sharks than that horror-movie portrayal. The shark world is full of big-eyed beauties, teeny-tiny cuties and a couple of species that might haunt your nightmares (you’ll be glad to hear that the one with rotary-saw teeth went extinct long ago). Really, they’re a bunch of lovable weirdos. Here are the strangest sharks to swim the seas. 

20. Horn sharks

A baby horn shark on the seafloor. (Image credit: Julian Gunther via Getty Images)

Horn sharks (Heterodontus francisci) are quiet, unassuming little sharks. They spend their days hiding in rock crevices in water less than 40 feet (12 meters) deep. At night, these sharks come out to hunt, but they’re not sleek nightstalkers. Horn sharks are clumsy swimmers, and they sometimes even use their fins to crawl along the rock instead of swimming, according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This works out well for them, as they eat mostly molluscs and echinoderms like sea urchins.


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