ow that the Pentagon has confirmed the existence of UFOs, what if a gentle form of extra-terrestrial intelligence becomes stranded on Earth, befriends you and you bring it home to hide it from the government?

Is your apartment ready for intergalactic scrutiny? And, most importantly, will the alien feel comfy even a million lightyears away from home?

Regardless of your sci-fi obsession, MADE is here to help you decorating your home to suit your style and budget, whether you’re from this galaxy or beyond.

Here are ten ideas from the MADE catalogue to make your pad trendy and timeless just in time for a surprise visit from outer space.

A star-bright chandelier.

Wanda LED Chandelier Pendant Antique Brass, £169 at MADE.com


Wanda, the chandelier pendant, is a revival style with the best in light tech – LED lights for a more efficient, long-lasting performance. It can easily outshine the brightest star in the solar system.

The bright side of the Moon.

Chicago Floor Lamp Black&Copper, £199 at MADE.com


This vintage Hollywood-inspired floor lamp is the statement lounge lighting your living room needs. The diffuser reflecting the light back into the shade creates a warm and illuminating effect.

Cluster lights.

Ilaria Floor Lamp Triple Multicolour Brass, £179 at MADE.com


Designed by MADE studio, Ilaria’s glass shades add style to your space with mouth-blown glass and an optical finish interior. It is said it resembles a long-lost galaxy, but it’s classified information for now.

Lightyears of style.

Ivon Statement Pill Shape Wall Clock, Green, £45 at MADE.com


Need to know what time it is on Alpha Centauri? The pill-shaped clock with brass hands and a swinging pendulum will tell your intergalactic guests that it’s time for a glass of rose.

A cosy odyssey.

Zonje Embroidered Cushion 45x45cm, Terracotta, £29 at MADE.com


Step outside your comfort zone and have fun with cushions that bring expression and personality into your living room. This padded cushion works wonders for a comfy snooze after lightyears of travel.

Close encounters.

Parton Round Wall Mirror 60x60cm Brushed Brass, £139 at MADE.com


Is your cosy London flat just too tiny? Visually increase square footage with a simple, sleek, and chic round wall mirror with a brushed brass finish. Not to be used as intergalactic portal.

Colour invasion.

Favreau Linen Blend Cushion 50x50cm, Blue, £35 at MADE.com


If you and your Martian buddy love abstract lines and imaginative colours, the cute Favreau cushion is for you. Made from a super-soft linen blend, this is a must-have for anyone interested in great style from planet Earth.

A safe hideaway.

Gunner Set 3 Extra Large Metal Storage Trunks Tonal Blue, £159 at MADE.com


Need to hide your E.T. from ruthless government agents? Gunner is ideal for momentarily clearing away all your extra-terrestrial friends. It comes in contrasting metallic accents of tonal blue, and it’s roomy and hardwearing. Fits Reptilians, too.

Curtains from outer space.

Julius Velvet Eyelet Lined Pair of Curtains 168x228cm, Antique Gold, £89 at MADE.com


Super affordable velvet curtains to block out the light (and your nosy neighbour). You can even buy them in two colours and change them out seasonally.

Flying saucers.

Weaver Pendant Lamp Natural Bamboo, £139 at MADE.com


Miss a trip to Mars, Mercury, and the Moon? Invite the entire solar system in with Weaver, the pendant lamp in natural Bamboo that will teleport you from Notting Hill to Neptune in a flash.

For more trendy home accessories and futuristic lightings, head to MADE.com. No matter where you are.



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