Starting with the release of Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 in 1997, James Bond enjoyed a 15 year run as a major recurring video game franchise. But, since the failure of 2012’s 007 Legends, the series has taken a hiatus. That all changed with the announcement of Project 007, a new Bond game from IO Interactive, the studio behind the Hitman series.

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Even more exciting is the fact that it will feature an original story, something that’s only happened once since 2004’s Everything or Nothing. With anticipation building for the new game and No Time To Die, now is the perfect time to rediscover the treasure trove that is Bond gaming past.

10 007 Legends

The last James Bond game was released in 2012 and was mostly disappointing. So much so that developer, Eurocom, who had worked on numerous Bond games over the years, went bankrupt. The final level of the game, a DLC mission based on the recent film Skyfall, was wonky and incomplete.

But, what the game did have was adaptations of five classic bond adventures, one each from the five prior actors. Like Eurocom’s previous entry Goldeneye Reloaded, it featured Daniel Craig-era reimaginings of the classic Bond stories. Furthermore, Some actors like Michael Lonsdale and Toby Stevens reprised their supporting roles from past films.

9 The World is Not Enough 64

One of three completely different gaming adaptations of 1999’s Pierce Brosnan thriller, the other two being on Playstation and Game Boy Color, the N64 was far superior. This was the only version that featured a multiplayer deathmatch mode, the first in a Bond game since Goldeneye.

Although it could never match the success of Goldeneye, The World is Not Enough on the Nintendo 64 was well -received. Unlike Goldeneye, it featured voice acting, which included John Cleese as R.

8 Quantum of Solace

Activision’s first crack at Bond came in this 2008 Call of Duty style shooter. The best part about this game is that it adapts both Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale, although the events do not unfold in chronological order.

The game featured a cover system and ‘takedowns’ in third person, elements that would become staples in the Activision era of Bond. This allowed the game to be in first-person but still get a chance to show off the Daniel Craig model.

7 From Russia With Love

When rumors began stirring that Pierce Brosnan was on his way out as 007, plans had to be changed for the forthcoming Bond game to release in 2005. But, this was a great opportunity for the original Bond to return himself, Sean Connery.

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Connery provided his likeness and voice in his final performance as the character that made him a household name. The game was a love letter to the Connery era of Bond, with the story loosely based on From Russia With Love but featuring gadgets like the Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger and the Jetpack from Thunderball.

6 Goldeneye 007: Reloaded

What better way to cash in on the Goldeneye brand than to reimagine the N64 classic in the Daniel Craig Era? The characters of the original were completely redesigned with other changes made such as Nigeria serving as the location of the finale in place of Cuba.

Launching as a Wii exclusive in 2010, it was ported to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 a year later. The game saw the return of the couch coop multiplayer deathmatch mode in Bond games, the first in seven years.

5 Agent Under Fire

An attempt to bring The World is Not Enough to the Playstation 2 two years after the film’s release was deemed a financial hazard. Instead, the developers decided to create their own James Bond adventure.

The unique story involved cloning, and the game featured a variety of levels including an on-rails shooting section, driving levels, and it’s the only Bond first-person shooter to feature a jetpack. Bizarrely, a generic James Bond model was used, whereas every other game in this era featured the likeness of Pierce Brosnan.

4 Everything or Nothing

EA’s 2004 Bond game Everything or Nothing was its most ambitious yet. It featured a cast fit for a Bond movie with Pierce Brosnan, Willem Dafoe, and Heidi Klum to name a few. It also saw the return of fan-favorite villain Jaws, Richard Kiel returning to the role 25 years after Moonraker.

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The gameplay was switched to a third-person shooter and featured a unique rappel mechanic. The game upped the ante on the sci-fi elements of Die Another Day with a plot that involved nanite technology and gadgets like the invisible car and a new suit to make Bond invisible too.

3 Bloodstone

The only Daniel Craig era Bond game to feature an original story, like Everything or Nothing, it was as close to being a new Bond film as it gets. Daniel Craig and Judi Dench appeared as Bond and M respectively, while singer Joss Stone played Bond girl Nicole Hunter as well as providing the game’s theme song.

The best levels were probably the vehicle mission, with highlights including an exhilarating chase through the streets of Bangkok and a desperate fight aboard an ekranoplane. The game ended on a cliffhanger that remains unresolved to this day, although one could consider Spectre‘s Blofeld as a possible identity of the mysterious villain.

2 Nightfire

The console version of Nightfire checks off all the boxes of what makes a great Bond game. It features an original story with stunning locations in Austria, Japan, and even outer space. The multiplayer deathmatch mode featuring classic characters is one of the best of all the Bond video games.

As the follow up to Agent Under Fire, it expanded on the level of a variety of that game by including an underwater vehicle mission and a zero-gravity finale in space. Beware the PC version, though; not all Nightfire’s are created equal.

1 Goldeneye 64

The phenomenon which started it all! Rare’s 1997 shooter Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 was a groundbreaking game of the first-person shooter genre. The console’s third best-selling game of all time, Goldeneye 64 quickly eclipsed the popularity of the film it was based on.

Must of the success of the game was the inclusion of its multiplayer deathmatch mode featuring classic Bond characters like Jaws and Oddjob. To this day, it is a game that holds special meaning to Bond fans and gamers alike, with a 25th-anniversary fan remake only recently being canceled due to a cease and desist order.

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