In case you missed it, golfers all over the world are blowing off some quarantine steam by hitting golf shots indoors.

Of course, using a real golf ball can be hazardous to your family, furniture and windows. That’s why we recommend these foam balls made for practicing indoors. Now, you can work on your chipping stroke inside without worrying about shattering anything, and the muted sound will keep the noise at a minimum. — Andrew Tursky

PU Golf Ball Training Practice Foam Balls For Children Adult Indoor 12 Pcs US, $8.39

Sure, you could use this time to build a golf hole in your backyard or crack open a must-read golf book, but I’d recommend cozying up with the greatest golf video game of all-time: Tiger Woods ’04. Tiger was at his peak on the course and on your video game console. Dust off the PS2 or Xbox in your attic and take a walk down memory lane with Tiger Woods ’04. — Tim Reilly

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 (PS2) (XBOX), $5

This headcover isn’t just a sweet design with a fun message, it’s also a purchase you can feel good making.  The product comes from Seamus Golf, but don’t bother trying to find it (or any others) on the company website. Seamus temporarily stopped production in favor of developing face masks for healthcare workers. While that means you can’t support the company directly right now, you can still help their brand. Snag this headcover for your driver today and hold off on a matching pair for your woods until the Seamus online store reopens soon. You deserve it, and so do they. — James Colgan

The Buck Club Seamus Golf Slow Play Driver Headcover White Speckled Canvas, $149


Some years ago, while reporting a story on people in the golf world who’d been fleeced by Bernie Madoff, I met a Florida state government official who’d lost tons in the Ponzi scheme and, as payback, had commissioned the production of golf balls with Madoff’s face on them. That same concept has been formalized into a “People You Want to Hit” golf ball series. Kim Jung-Un seems to be an especially good seller. — Josh Sens

Limited Edition Golf Balls “People You Want To Hit” Kim Jong-Un, $10


In my mind, there’s nothing cooler — and better to frame and hang on the wall — than old, iconic magazine covers, especially the beautifully simplistic ones from Sports Illustrated. Ben Hogan gracing the cover of a 1955 Masters preview is about as good as it gets. — Josh Berhow

Ben Hogan SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Magazine April 4, 1955 Augusta National Masters!, $29.99


A scorecard holder is an easy way to feel a little more official. This particular one, which is free from logos and wild colors and patterns, has an eye-catching Persian-blue hue that makes it feel even more sophisticated. What’s more, you can buy it on the spot without dealing with bidding wars, and the seller is so confident in the product it offers a 30-day return window. — Josh Berhow

Golf Accessories-Golf Gifts | Leather Golf Scorecard Holder (Ocean Blue), $56.71

Bear with me and put on your Joanna Gaines thinking cap. This vintage golf trophy dates back to the 1920’s and is a pretty cool piece of history—especially if you’re from the Dallas-Fort Worth area or are familiar with River Crest (Fort Worth’s oldest C.C.). Imagine it in your home’s entryway or on your kitchen counter filled with freshly cut spring flowers. — Emily Haas



If you’re a fan of Luke’s Whiskey Wednesday posts, consider scouring eBay for a vintage set of golf-themed cocktail glasses. I like this quirky set that dates back to 1975 because they’re a fun conversation starter. — Emily Haas

4 Vintage Golfing Golf Cocktail Glasses Bar Set Bill Davey Cartoon Comics Men, $39.99


My grandparents have a dinnerware set similar to this one, and I always loved eating from it growing up! This is a great find because it’s in perfect condition and has everything you need to set a table: dinner plate, salad plates, bowls, saucer plates, and mugs. — Emily Haas

Service for 4 Piece Mikasa Ultima Country Club Golf Green Plate Bowl Cup Saucer, $110


The golf world may never see again a player as dominant as Tiger Woods was in his prime. So what better way to commemorate  — Luke Kerr-Dineen

2001 Upper Deck #1 Golf Tiger Woods RC Rookie Gem Mint PSA 10, $61.95

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