The video game
industry takes a lot of flak, doesn’t it?

There are debates over excessive
violence, over gaming addiction, pay-to-win money-making strategies on the developer
and publishers’ parts, microtransactions, on-disk DLC, dastardly season passes…
the list goes on and on.

This hostile
environment has made it harder and harder for certain titles to thrive, as
studios are less willing to take risks. We’re seeing more and more remakes,
remasters and ports these days because it’s an easy option: The nostalgia
factor will bring in a heaving helping of money. Even so, you can never quite
tell whether a game is going to succeed or fail.

Some games
are a little ahead of their time. Others brought a great idea to the table but
couldn’t execute it well. Still others are a little obscure and just didn’t get
the attention they deserved, while some rode the wave of hype all the way to
their release date but then didn’t deliver on that promise.

Here are just a few
games that didn’t perform nearly as well as they probably deserved to.



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