10 cheap and easy Halloween costume ideas for last minute inspiration

What should you wear this Halloween? Here are some last minute party costumes to look great on a budget, using items you already have in the house

Nicole Scherzinger proving that Sandy from Grease is a great Halloween outfit

The spooky season can leave many scrabbling for last minute party plans and Halloween outfit inspiration.

Brits are famously less invested than Americans when it comes to Halloween, but we still enjoy an excuse for a party.

Impromptu plans can leave many of us in a panic as we desperately search for a fun outfit to spook our friends.

For those without a costume — there’s no need to fear — we’ve collected a range of great costumes you can build from wardrobe stables.

Read on for outfits on a budget…


This funny costume is a universal favourite.

A tourist is a simple and easy-to-achieve costume



Grab yourself a Hawaiian shirt, straw hat and flip flops. Bonus points for a bottle of SPF 50 suncream.

Sling a camera around your neck and you’ve got the perfect prop that you can also use to capture the party.

Mime artist

This clever outfit has an impact without costing a bomb.

All you really need is a bowler hat (or a black hat with a rim), stripy t-shirt and some white face paint.

Add suspenders for some extra flare.

Sandy from Grease

Nicole Scherzinger ditches signature brunette locks and morphs into Sandy from Grease



Sandy is the perfect Halloween costume because most people have the components in their wardrobe already.

Just pull on a black leather jacket, black top and tight black leggings, jeans or leather trousers.

Add a bit of red lipstick and curl your hair, and you’ll be instantly recognisable.


Get your friends laughing with a nerdy costume


Getty Images)

This is a simple stereotypical outfit guaranteed to get a few chuckles.

Put on a pair of glasses, high-wasted trousers, shirt and bow-tie.

Extra bonus points go to those who wrap tape around their glasses frame.

Feel free to paint a boil on your chin – you can use tissue paper and water for a realistic 3D look.


But a pillow over your shoulder and morph into a robber



All this outfit really needs is a striped t shirt, a bag slung over the shoulder and mask or balaclava.

Alice in Wonderland

This could be the perfect one for anyone who has a light blue dress in their wardrobe.

Add an apron, flat pumps, white tights and a headband and you’re good to go!

This costume also has plenty of interesting prop ideas – whether you choose to bring a little teacup or fluffy toy cat.

Where’s Wally? has been a popular Halloween choice for years


2015 Getty Images)

Where’s Wally

This classic Halloween option is very easy to recreate.

Find yourself something red and white, throw on a pair of round glasses and get out of the door in no time!


If you have a pair of dungarees lying about this should be a simple costume.

Rub some mud to your hands and face, find a long strand of grass to chew and plop on a straw hat.

Team up with a friend for ‘Men in Black’ outfits



Men in Black

All this outfit requires is a black suit and a pair of shades – what could be more simple?

Pair up with a pal for added impact.


Put on an old white t-shirt and cut a ribcage pattern into the fabric.

Paint your face white and add some chalky cheekbones and sunken eyes and you’re onto a winner!

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