The Rockies and Mets finished with identical 26-win records last season and are just two total games apart over the past three years. And yet, they are like trains running on separate tracks.

On Thursday, the Mets moved confidently toward their future, finishing a lopsided trade with Cleveland that netted New York shortstop Francisco Lindor and pitcher Carlos Carrasco. They gave up only some utility players and prospects.

The Rockies, meanwhile, are stumbling toward their future. Their only known order of business this month is coming to terms with eight arbitration-eligible players topped by Jon Gray and Kyle Freeland, which they hope to do by Jan. 15. The big-ticket items on their to-do list have no clear solutions and no sign of completion.

What to do with Nolan Arenado? And Trevor Story? How to turn around a losing team at a difficult juncture? That’s just the start of their long list of questions that need answers.

We don’t know what…



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